Our Prices

Small Riding Hall

10 Hours Subscription60,00 €
Separately paid Hour8,00 €

Lunging Lesson (25 Minutes):
Beginners - Youths
10 Lessons Subscription155,00 €
Separately paid Lesson25,00 €
Beginners - Adults
10 Lessons Subscription250,00 €
Separately paid Lesson30,00 €

Riding Group Lessons:
Youths (until the age of 18)
10 Hours Subscription185,00 €
Separately paid Hour25,00 €

Grand Riding Hall

Riding Group Lessons on own or Institute's Horses:
10 Hours Subscription290,00 €
Separately paid Hour35,00 €
Posture Lunge (25 Minute40,00 €
Private Lesson (55 Minutes)75,00 €
Private Lesson (30 Minutes)40,00 €

Long reins, lunge, double lunge and work in hand
with own or Institute's horse:
Private Lesson (55 Minutes)75,00 €
Private Lesson (30 Minutes)40,00 €

Riding lessons have to be paid in advance. The subscriptions are valid for 4 months (counted from the day of the first lesson of the subscription). Subscriptions cannot be refunded.

A booked riding lesson needs to be cancelled at least on the day before the lesson takes place, otherwise we will have to charge it.