The Institute

The Riding Institute Egon von Neindorff Foundation continues to pursue the work and the achievements of the internationally renowned Riding Master Egon von Neindorff and his work of over 50 years. It is an educational organization, where the principles and guidelines of the Classical Dressage up to High School level are taught, training both horses and riders.

Classical Dressage has evolved through many centuries and is based on the proper way of handling horses, as well as on their natural ways of moving. It is the only path for horse and rider, in order to achieve and maintain athleticism and litheness/suppleness up to an old age. While passing through the various steps of this education, the horse builds up strength and manoeuvrability with the help of an assorted program of comprehensive gymnasticating exercises. After arriving at the higher levels of his training, the horse will be a superb athlete, his body beautifully shaped and well muscled. He will display himself like a dancer – full of joy, playfully, with lightness and effortlessness.

The Institute sees it as an obligation, to help the student develop an understanding for an independent and balanced seat. Then, after accomplishing the fundamentals of the correct seat, the student will start to develop a feeling for the horse and his movements. The use of the necessary aids will be explained thoroughly, yet in a way which is easy to understand.

Well trained horses, selected and suited for the task at hand, support the riders in their quest.

Students of all training levels and ages are most welcome – they may visit us with their own horse/s or without a horse.

Our regular events offer the opportunity to visitors to experience the work at the Riding Institute (Dates). For groups of app. 50 to 150 people the Institute will also be pleased to arrange individual events. If you are interested, please get in touch (Contact).